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Wasting ALL the Time - Improv Comedy Podcast

Helloooo! And welcome to Wasting ALL the Time - Improv Comedy Podcast. We are Jon, Dave, and Cody, and we are going to waste all of your time! Episodes come out every Thursday for your listening intrigue.

Sep 1, 2016

This week Brent returns to ask for the proper permits, Jon directs one hell of a movie, Dave is here to turn you into real good Hollywood-style pirates, and Cody went "oh my!" and laid upon the floor. Also, I'm already radioactive!

Show Notes:

00:00 - Cold Open

02:11 - What Day is This?: National Chicken Boy's Day

12:44 - What Have You Been Up To?: Having kids, working, skateboarding, catching Pokemon, filming for a secret web series, injuring knees, recovering, computer upgrades, Stardew Valley, designing solar arrays, playing No Man's Sky, job search ended, etc.

24:28 - Fruitwards: Dave's Pirates, Bureaucratic Cats

33:08 - Improv Game of the Week: Directorial Styles

44:33 - Cody's Words of Wisdom

46:22 - Wrap-Up

Thanks for listening!