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Wasting ALL the Time - Improv Comedy Podcast

Helloooo! And welcome to Wasting ALL the Time - Improv Comedy Podcast. We are Jon, Dave, and Cody, and we are going to waste all of your time! Episodes come out every Thursday for your listening intrigue.

Jul 27, 2017

This week Dave starts off a little drunk, Cody is keeping it worldly, and Jon wants to know what day it is. Also, New Jersey doesn't have a link. (AND THAT'S ALL JUST IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES! #VALUE)

Show Notes:

00:00 - Cold Open

02:10 - What Day is This?: National Scotch Day

12:56 - What Have You Been Up To?: Thank you songs, Minecraft, The Big Sick, gardening, Waypoint, music, motorcycling, etc.

18:11 - Fruitwards: Old Fashioned Animals, Lazy Odes

25:43 - Improv Game of the Week: 911, What's Your Emergency?

35:49 - Cody's Words of Wisdom