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Wasting ALL the Time

Helloooo! And welcome to Wasting ALL the Time - Improv Comedy Podcast. We are Cody, Dave, and Jes, and we are going to waste all of your time! Episodes come out every Thursday for your listening intrigue.

Jan 18, 2018

This week Dave explains what TDJ stands for, Cody is not prepared to put in the effort, and Jon wants some slight oblique motion. Also, never change!

Show Notes:

00:00 - Cold Open

02:13 - Twittershins Rapidballs

08:33 - What Day is This?: National Thesaurus Day

17:05 - Fings What Got Sent Us:

  • LSS: "Contract Negotiations" & "D&D @ Work"
  • Questionnaise: "What exactly is 'TDJ' and why does it feel so good to yell it out loud?"

29:27 - Contact Us!

30:34 - What's Weird in the World?: Pumping Gas

40:17 - The Jonologue: Styrofoam Packing Peanuts


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