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Wasting ALL the Time

Helloooo! And welcome to Wasting ALL the Time - Improv Comedy Podcast. We are Cody, Dave, and Jes, and we are going to waste all of your time! Episodes come out every Thursday for your listening intrigue.

Apr 2, 2018

This week Jon is live, Dave is live, and Cody is there, too (live)! Also, let's Netflix and chill!

Show Notes:

00:00 - Cold Open

01:07 - Twittershins Rapidballs

05:12 - Fruitwards: Bruised Nuts, Hungry Board-Game, Supple Sandra Bullock, Slippery Cummerbund

15:34 - The Jonologue: Girl Scout Cookies

17:31 - Improv Game of the Week: 911, What's Your Emergency?

27:09 - Fruitwards: Vigorous Twinkies, Vivacious Android, Smokey Beanbag, Voluptuous Corn dogs, Porcelain Bridge, Fortuitous yet Lugubrious Deep Fried Butterballs

42:06 - Cody's Words of Wisdom

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Thank you to the CSz Sacramento crew for hosting us!