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Wasting ALL the Time

Helloooo! And welcome to Wasting ALL the Time - Improv Comedy Podcast. We are Cody, Dave, and Jes, and we are going to waste all of your time! Episodes come out every Thursday for your listening intrigue.

Jul 26, 2018

This week Dave doesn't have any perception, Cody reads his notes, and Jon works for the F.B.I.A. Also, "what to say...?"

Show Notes:

00:10 - Cold Open

02:02 - Twittershins Rapidballs

08:26 - Fruitwards: Obnoxious Dungeon Master, Deadly Bananas, Blank Masterpiece

27:27 - CONTACT US!

29:05 - Improv Game of the...

Jul 19, 2018

This week Will is still with us casting shade, Jon does not meth around, Dave wants to sell you things, and Cody has to grab his buns. Also whatever Cody said, ignore it!

Show Notes:

00:10 - Cold Open

03:44 - Twittershins Rapidballs

12:21 - What Day is This?: National Hotdog Day

24:43 - Fings Wut Got Sent Us:

  • Listener...

Jul 16, 2018

It's another installment of The Dave and Cody Show! #TeamJon supporters will have to sit this one out because he didn't bother to show for the recording. You'll just have to wait for the regular episode in a few days!

The Dave and Cody Show is a proud partner in the Drowning Man Podcast Network.

Featured Show: Jack...

Jul 12, 2018

This week Will joins the fun to go aggro, Dave wants you to go further south, Jon is in charge of light, and Cody wants the authentic acid experience. Also, it was a little tortured.

Show Notes:

00:10 - Cold Open

02:37 - Twittershins Rapidballs

11:09 - What Have You Been Up To?: Oaxaca, con travel, Lego roller-coaster,...

Jul 9, 2018

It's a bonus episode of games with Dave and Cody! Sorry #TeamJon, maybe try supporting another team!


The Dave and Cody Show is a proud partner in the Drowning Man Podcast Network.

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